A pitcher needs two pitches, one they’re looking for and one to cross th… #WarrenSpahn


A pitcher needs two pitches, one they’re looking for and one to cross th… #WarrenSpahn

“But baseball was different. Schwartz thought of it as Homeric – not a scrum but a series of isolated contests. Batter versus pitcher, fielder versus ball. You couldn’t storm around, snorting and slapping people, the way Schwartz did while playing football.You stood and waited and tried to still your mind. When your moment came, you had to be ready, because if you fucked up, everyone would know whose fault it was. What other sport not only kept a stat as cruel as the error but posted it on the scoreboard for everyone to see?”
― Chad Harbach, The Art of Fielding

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“She craved a tall glass of the fresh-squeezed lemonade from the pitcher she’d left chilling in the fridge. Two glasses served with a generous slice of pound cake with orange glaze icing sounded twice as nice.”
― Ed Lynskey, Fur the Win

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  • “When I was young, I was so interested in baseball that my family was afraid I’d waste my life and be a pitcher. Later they were afraid I’d waste my life and be a poet. They were right.”
    ― Robert Frost
  • “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
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  • Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up ’cause they’re looking for ideas.
    ― Paula Poundstone #quote
  • “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” Tom Robbins
    #CulturesWays #Quote
  • “I really wondered why people were always doing what they didn’t like doing. It seemed like life was a sort of narrowing tunnel. Right when you were born, the tunnel was huge. You could be anything. Then, like, the absolute second after you were born, the tunnel narrowed down to about half that size. You were a boy, and already it was certain you wouldn’t be a mother and it was likely you wouldn’t become a manicurist or a kindergarten teacher. Then you started to grow up and everything you did closed the tunnel in some more. You broke your arm climbing a tree and you ruled out being a baseball pitcher. You failed every math test you ever took and you canceled any hope of being a scientist. Like that. On and on through the years until you were stuck. You’d become a baker or a librarian or a bartender. Or an accountant. And there you were. I figured that on the day you died, the tunnel would be so narrow, you’d have squeezed yourself in with so many choices, that you just got squashed.”
    ― Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I’m Home
  • #quote Stop looking at what you have lost, so you can see what you have left.
  • In a portrait, I’m looking for the silence in somebody — Henri Cartier-Bresson #photography #quote
  • “There was a proud Teapot, proud of being made of porcelain, proud of its long spout and its broad handle. It had something in front of it and behind it; the spout was in front, and the handle behind, and that was what it talked about. But it didn’t mention its lid, for it was cracked and it was riveted and full of defects, and we don’t talk about our defects – other people do that. The cups, the cream pitcher, the sugar bowl – in fact, the whole tea service – thought much more about the defects in the lid and talked more about it than about the sound handle and the distinguished spout. The Teapot knew this.”
    ― Hans Christian Andersen, Fairy Tales
  • #quote A BOY spends his time finding a girl to sleep with. A REAL MAN spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.
  • “She craved a tall glass of the fresh-squeezed lemonade from the pitcher she’d left chilling in the fridge. Two glasses served with a generous slice of pound cake with orange glaze icing sounded twice as nice.”
    ― Ed Lynskey, Fur the Win
  • “We cannot live our lives constantly looking back, listening back, lest we be turned to pillars of longing and regret, but to live without listening at all is to live deaf to the fullness of the music.” #Fred_Buechner
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  • “Stop, open up, surrender the beloved blind silence. Stay there until you see you’re looking at the light with infinite eyes.” –Rumi #Rumi #Quote #Motivational #Love #Inspire
  • “That’s not how you’re going to live, Bird Girl. Not on my account. Spread those strong wings of yours. Fly.”
    ― Annabel Pitcher, Ketchup Clouds
  • If I made Cinderalla, the audience will be looking out for a body in the coach…! [Alfred Hitchcock] #Quote
  • “Private Parts

    The first love of my life never saw me naked – there was always a parent coming home in half an hour – always a little brother in the next room.
    Always too much body and not enough time for me to show it.

    Instead, I gave him my shoulder, my elbow, the bend of my knee – I lent him my corners, my edges, the parts of me I could afford to offer – the parts I had long since given up trying to hide.
    He never asked for more.

    He gave me back his eyelashes, the back of his neck, his palms – we held each piece we were given like it was a nectarine that could bruise if we weren’t careful.

    We collected them like we were trying to build an orchid.

    And the spaces that he never saw, the ones my parents half labeled “private parts” when I was still small enough to fit all of myself and my worries inside a bathtub – I made up for that by handing over all the private parts of me.

    There was no secret I didn’t tell him, there was no moment I didn’t share – and we didn’t grow up, we grew in, like ivy wrapping, moulding each other into perfect yings and yangs.

    We kissed with mouths open, breathing his exhale into my inhale – we could have survived underwater or outer space.

    Breathing only of the breathe we traded, we spelled love, g-i-v-e, I never wanted to hide my body from him – if I could have I would have given it all away with the rest of me – I did not know it was possible.

    To save some thing for myself.

    Some nights I wake up knowing he is anxious, he is across the world in another woman’s arms – the years have spread us like dandelion seeds – sanding down the edges of our jigsaw parts that used to only fit each other.

    He drinks from the pitcher on the night stand, checks the digital clock, it is 5am – he tosses in sheets and tries to settle, I wait for him to sleep.

    Before tucking myself into elbows and knees reach for things I have long since given up.”
    ― Sarah Kay

  • #QOTD “Motivation comes from looking at things you want and realizing what it takes to get it!” #HappyFriday #Motivation #Quote #Success

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